Nickel plating Ni

The nickel plating is principally used for industrial purposes (in furniture, cars, decorative objects, plumbing tools and accessories, etc.).

The outer surface of the object is covered by a thick nickel film (usually 8 μm thin) which protects the object against oxidation, while adding a lasting shinny finish and offering high abrasion resistance!!!

The nickel plating can be directly applied to brass objects, however base copper plating is required when the method is used on iron or zamak objects.

In our fully equipped chemical laboratory we conduct frequent quality controls, constantly inspecting the electrolytes’ state, as this is an essential condition for the achievement of the perfect result.

It is not uncommon that the shape of an object prevents or obstructs its electroplating!!!
Before deciding on the final design of an object, in case electroplating is necessary, please ask for our advice!!!