Rack zinc plating (galvanising) Zn

Rack zinc plating, also known as galvanising, is the most common electroplating method and is applied to large-sized objects. In our automatic zinc plating line, the biggest production line in Northern Greece, we can plate up to 3m x 2m large “window” (as an indicative reference for a better understanding of the size)!!! Following an electrolytic process, a thin (8 to 12μm) film of zinc (Zn) coating is applied on the surface of the metal, thus protecting the plated object against oxidation and adding a shinny finish.

The silver (blue) coloration (passivation) of its surface is hexavalent chromium free, as provided for in the EU directive 2002/95/EC dated January 27, 2003!!!

It is not uncommon that the shape of an object prevents or obstructs its electroplating!!!
Before deciding on the final design of an object, in case electroplating is necessary, please ask for our advice!!!